The route exploration starts!

Preparations for the 2021 Trans European Run have been underway since the beginning of the year.

In just over a week, a reconnaissance team will set off for Tallinn, Estonia. The task of the team is to test the first 1600km of the track for runability, because we don’t send participants to a course we don’t know ourselves! The team (Manfred and Brigitte Leismann) will not only check the 1600km from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania via Poland (Goldap, Gdansk, Ostseeküstenradweg, Swinemünde) to Germany (Usedom, Berlin) by car, bicycle and on foot, but will also publicize the Trans European Run 2021 in the cities that are planned as stage locations; contact the authorities there and visit possible accommodations for the runners. Each city will receive from us an application folder.

The first 1600km are rather to be called “flat” before the track leads to Germany between Berlin and Cologne into the low mountain ranges. Here in the Harz, for example, the famous “Brocken” is climbed.
A highlight of a very special kind for the participants of the competition “Berlin-Paris”, which is part of the Trans European Run 2021, will certainly be the arrival at the finish line ON top of the Eiffel Tower.
France, Spain and Portugal will be explored next year. Here, too (especially in Spain), many meters of altitude await the participants.

The exploration team (Manfred & Brigitte) is top-class.
Both already took part as participants / helpers at quite a few large ultra stage runs. Manfred invented the Trans European Run in 2003 (Lisbon-Moscow), ran it himself and had also explored the route in advance – together with Brigitte (the Trans European Run in 2003, 2009 and 2012 were organized by Ingo Schulze). And who got along in Russia at the beginning of the 2000s, should have no problems with the Baltic States in 2019. So these two know what they are doing.

Organizer Oliver Witzke will continue to work from Germany, during the 3-week reconnaissance tour of Manfred & Brigitte, for the “RAE2021” (“Race Across Europe 2021”, as it is officially called).

There are currently already 28 people registered for the big race. Among them are participants from Japan, China, Switzerland, Finland and Great Britain. Quite strongly represented are the French. Participants have also already been found for Berlin-Paris. In addition, single stage starts are possible, in order to sniff Trans European running air.
As it looks according to the current planning status, the Trans European Run 2021 will be the hardest race (after 2003), which has existed so far, because the participants will have to cope on their adventure trip through Europe on average more than 74km daily!

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