Update: Route exploration in Germany

In May we had explored the first 1600km of the Trans European Run 2021. Now the German part up to Cologne is finished. In November we’ll look at the rest of the German route to Trier and next year we’ll explore France, Spain and Portugal. The running route is exciting. Especially the German part between Wernigerode and Cologne is hard. The German low mountain ranges are run through and therefore, the participants have to manage their strength very well.

More contracts have been signed and accommodations in sports halls have been secured. In general, we meet with real enthusiasm from the authorities. At the beginning, they don’t want to believe us that people can accomplish such a sporting feat and they think we are joking. But the more we tell and report that there have already been Trans European Runs, the greater the amazement and the willingness to support us.

Meanwhile, the list of interested parties and participants is filling up.

The Trans European Run 2021 will be one of the greatest running adventures ever! From the organization of the Deutschlandlauf 2019 we have again collected a lot of experience and learned a lot. All this will benefit the Trans European Run 2021.

At the end of this year, we will tell you about the exploration of the rest of the running route in Germany.

By the way, we are looking for reinforcement for our team of helpers. Please contact us by e-mail at: raceacrosseurope@web.de or directly by phone at 0049(0)1738125647. We will let you know exactly what to expect and what we expect from you.

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