Race cancellation “RAE21”

We will run in 2022 – new date:
01.05.2022 – 03.07.2022

Dear participants and interested people, there is only one topic everywhere at the moment: Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

As the organizer of the Trans European Race 2021 (Race Across Europe / RAE), I am also facing very big problems in the organization. At the beginning of March I came back from the route exploration in Portugal / Lisbon. I had successful talks with the president of ISPJ. He is something like a sports minister of the country. I received the approvals for the country. Already last year the route exploration in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany took place. We met with enthusiasm. Many contracts for overnight stays in sports halls have already been signed. Almost nothing needs to be changed on the route. Up to this point we have been very successful in the preparations for the “RAE21”! But now everything has changed with the Corona crisis. I am facing a postponement into the year 2022!

Reasons to consider:

  • One big sponsor is out.
  • The Olympic Games have been postponed to 2021… all previous Trans European Races also “lived” from a large number of Japanese participants. I have the feeling that Japanese runners would rather stay at home and watch the Olympics in their home country.
  • In the past 4 weeks I have received 5 cancellations. 1 helper, 1 runner “Berlin-Paris” and 3 participants “Tallinn-Lisbon”. 2 participants cancelled with the reason that they lost their jobs due to the Corona crisis.
  • The route check for France and Spain is/was planned for summer 2020. It is uncertain if it will take place due to travel restriction issues. After that I have no more time, because I am working myself.
  • It is currently IMPOSSIBLE to get gyms for your overnight stays in France and Spain. How long should I wait? The processing of an application takes many weeks, sometimes even several months. This is very, very uncertain. I don’t want to be there at the end of the year and we still lack accommodations. No authority (I have asked in 6 cities) can give me any information. All 6 cities say I don’t need to inquire this year. But only when the accommodations are fixed, I can make the applications for the approval of the route. All this is a very big risk that I don’t want to take! Can you understand that? Is it understandable? Is it okay for you if we postpone for 1 year? Please contact me and tell me your opinion!

Therefore, I would re-schedule the Deutschlandlauf to 2021. Getting sports halls here in Germany for 2021 is no problem. Here I am known from the very successful Deutschlandlauf 2017 and 2019 and therefore the approval procedures work much faster here – and alternatively campsites and hotels are available for us. The infrastructure is excellent.

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