The rulebook is long, but necessary for a running project of this size.

It is inevitable that some points will be repeated. It is not intended to discourage, but to provide clear conditions and minimize problems on site. The contents are based on the experience of many years.

Conditions of participation in detail

Art.1 – Organization

The Race Across Europe 2022 (RAE 2022) is announced as an international competition. The organization reserves the right to reject registered participants without further justification if, in the opinion of the organization, they do not appear suitable for this project.

Art.2 – Description of the race

The Race Across Europe (RAE 2022) is a race in 64 daily stages. The race distance is about 4750km (daily average distance: 74km). The start will be on Sunday, 01.05.2022 in the city center of Tallinn (Estonia). The race ends on Sunday, 03.07.2022 at the “Monument of the Discoveries” in Lisbon (Portugal).
Food and accommodation for the participants and supervisors will be provided by the organizer. It is up to the participants and supervisors to take advantage of these services. Accommodation costs can be booked separately to the normal entry fee. However, there will be no compensation or reduction of the entry fee/organization fee in case of non-utilization.

Art.3 – Declaration of Participation / Disclaimer of Liability

Participants and supervisors are obliged to read the present “Conditions of Participation”. The “RAE 2022” will take place according to the competition rules and the additional conditions to which each participant is subject and which he/she accepts in the course of his/her registration. The organization will always refer to the “Conditions of Participation”. Changes (see art. 7) are only possible on the part of the organization and must be accepted by all concerned.

By participating in the “RAE 2022”, the participant accepts the exclusion of liability of the organizer for personal injury and property damage of any kind (s. Art. 21). This also applies to lost values and objects. Unless the organizer can be proven to have acted with gross negligence.

By receiving the start number, the participant declares that he/she has been expressly recommended by the organizer to undergo a preliminary medical examination to clarify possible health risks and that there are no medical reservations against participation in the “RAE 2022”. The participant declares that he/she has trained sufficiently for participation in this competition, is physically healthy and that his/her state of health has been confirmed by a doctor.

He/she further agrees that the data stated in his/her registration, the photos, film recordings and interviews made by him/her in connection with his/her participation in the race may be used in radio, television, advertising, books, photomechanical reproductions, without any claims for remuneration on their part.

In case of non-participation of a participant, he/she is not entitled to a refund of his/her organization fee. Special regulations are described in article 45.

Art.4 – Registration

Admitted are all adult persons of male and female gender of all nationalities who meet the requirements of the present regulations.

Art.5 – Classification

Men and women will be judged separately. There is no age group classification.

Art.6 – Competition program

30.04.2022: Arrival of the participants at the earliest from 12:00am (before that there will be no supervision!) and at the latest by 5:00pm. Arrival and departure is the responsibility of the participant. The organization is responsible for the catering from the evening before the start for the participants and, if necessary, supervisors. Other catering and accommodation up to this point is the responsibility of the participant.

(Pre)evening program on Saturday, 30.04.2022:

  • personal welcome
  • check in / handing out of starting documents
  • race briefing
  • Presentation of the race conditions and the course itself
  • dinner in a restaurant

The start will be on Sunday, 01.05.2022 at 10:00am together for all participants. Breakfast at 06:00am. With the award ceremony on 04.07.2022 (08:00am – 10:30am) ends the responsibility by the organization for the participant in the “RAE 2022” and for their guardians. The further stay is the responsibility of the participants. The return journey should be planned by everyone in time. The organization is not responsible for this.

Art.7 – Changes of the competition rules

The organizer reserves the right to make the following changes:

  • Actual route according to Art. 24
  • Change of daily starting time / starting order according to art. 9, place and finish in case of force majeure
  • Type of accommodation according to Art. 15
  • Change of the distances of catering and control stands according to Art. 11 and 14
  • Change of target times according to Art. 10

Art.8 – Identification features

The start number must be worn visibly on the chest, stomach or thigh at all times. If the start number is not visible, e.g. due to covering a jacket, it must be called out or shown on demand. This may be the case at refreshment points and other controls, as well as at the day’s finish (Art. 11).

Art.9 – Starting order

The start of the 1st stage is at 10:00am for all participants. For the following stages the participants always start at 05:00am. The organization reserves the right to determine the exact starting times, e.g. due to extraordinary weather conditions (see Art. 7).

Important: The start time for the next day will be announced daily by the organization by posting.

Art.10 – Stage target times

On average 11 min/km are available. A tolerance time can be granted by the organization – for various reasons. This can be the case if a participant has severe problems on one day and it is foreseeable that he/she will be able to manage the prescribed minimum running time again on the next day. Also in the case of very difficult to master parts of the route or great heat, it may be decided in this way. Here the organization has full freedom of action. In the case of one-time exceeding of the target time, which is due to exhaustion, a clarifying discussion between the organization and the participant must be held. Each participant is allowed to fail the daily cut-off 3 times. At the 4th time he or she drops out of the overall ranking.

Art.11 – Control points

Each refreshment point is also a control point. The wearing of the start number and the condition of the participant will be checked. The organization reserves the right for further control points on site (see Art. 7 + 8).

Art.12 – Stage finish

At the stage finish, the timing of the respective stage will be done for each participant. The daily results will be posted for inspection immediately after the last competitor has finished. An objection must be made no later than 30 minutes after the posting. The objection can also be made by a supervisor or helper.
The stage times will be added up from the second day on.

Art.13 – Space for sponsors’ logos

Outside the areas reserved by the organization, the participant may wear logos of his sponsor (on the T-shirt, shorts, socks, etc.) However, the organizer reserves the right to prohibit the following advertising and inscriptions on the running clothes: Prohibited companies / imprints that call into question the reputation of the event. Prints that violate morality and decency or offend the sense of honor.

Art.14 – Route supply

The supply stands will be placed at a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers, depending on the traffic situation and the temperature of the day. (see art. 7). The supply of food varies and must be adapted to the conditions. The organization will make every effort to ensure that the participants are adequately provided for…this means that additional supplies of special food and drinks are the responsibility of the participants. It is up to the participant to visit stores along the route. However, it is not allowed to deviate from the route.

Various beverages will be offered on the course. The attendants of the refreshment stands will try to meet the wishes of the participants. However, it is impossible to meet all individual wishes. It may not be possible to staff every aid station. At unmanned aid stations you have to take the food yourself, whereby consideration for following runners is assumed.

Art.15 – Accommodation

  1. the accommodation of the participant and the supervisors / helpers is usually in gyms and common rooms. It will happen that it is necessary to stay overnight in tents (provided by the organization)! Accommodation in a self-selected hotel or similar is optional for the participant and supervisors / helpers and is at their own expense. It is not possible for the organizer to charge for the paid accommodation and meals. Of course, own mobile homes etc. may be used for the overnight stay.
  2. every participant, if necessary attendant / helper must have sleeping bag, insulating mat or air mattress with him. The sleeping pad must NOT be wider than 100 cm! Sleeping bag does not mean a rolled up feather bed! The transport space in the truck is limited, (see Art. 7). It is absolutely not allowed to use a camping bed; this will NOT be transported in the organization vehicles.
  3. the participant is expressly forbidden to spend the night in the organization vehicles. It must also be accepted that the sleeping place cannot always be offered in sufficient size.

Art.16 – Equipment / Luggage

Each participant is free to carry whatever equipment he/she wishes. However, the transport space must be taken into account. No more than three pieces of luggage may be carried. Luggage must NOT exceed the total weight of 30kg. Exceeding the weight will be charged with 0,50 Euro per kg and per day. E.g. 3kg overweight will cause an additional charge of 92,00 Euro (for 64 days).

Mandatory equipment during the run:

  • 50,00 Euro cash
  • identity card
  • race number

Compulsory equipment in general (in addition to the equipment listed above):

  • own sleeping clothes (pad, blanket, pillow)
  • 1 big and 1 small towel
  • Bathing slippers or other footwear intended exclusively for gym use
  • knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup
  • 2nd pair of running shoes
  • Cash or credit card
  • cell phone charger
  • Spare batteries / accumulators for garming devices and the like

Recommended equipment:

  • blister plasters
  • own dressing materials
  • swimwear
  • sunscreen
  • sauna towel

Art.17 – Medical care

The organizer shall endeavor to provide proper medical care. A race doctor and / or trained paramedic shall accompany the “RAE 2022” at all times. IMPORTANT: Ointments and bandages must be provided by the participant and will not be provided by the organization. If it is necessary to buy ointments, cold packs or similar for the participant, this has to be paid by himself. This is especially true for required painkillers. A certain contingent of first aid material is of course available (also at the staffed aid stations).

Art.18 – Climate and track surface

It may be very hot in May/June. This should be taken into account when choosing equipment. Rain or thunderstorms should also be considered. We will be running on country roads (mostly with their own bike and pedestrian paths), side roads and dirt roads. There are also larger passages where you run through cities. The footwear should be chosen accordingly. A pure competition shoe is not recommended. Well broken-in and stable training shoes should be preferred. A strongly profiled pair of running shoes is also strongly recommended.

Art.19 – Cleaning of personal linen

Proposal of the organization: The underwear can be kept on while showering and will be dried afterwards in the open air or in appropriate premises. The cleaning and care of the linen is left to the participant. Here the organizer proceeds after model of the transcontinental runs in America and Australia, as well as the “TransEurope-FootRace 2003, 2009 and 2012”. This procedure had also proven itself at the previous German runs by Ingo Schulze and Oliver Witzke.

Art.20 – Telephoning and faxing

Users of cell phones must expect that a proper reception is not available everywhere. Relatives of the participants are requested to call the organizer on his cell phone only in case of extreme emergency. Letters and packages must be sent to the addresses provided. The address(es) will be communicated to the participants a few weeks before the start in a final information. The organizer is not responsible for forwarding letters. The participant must accept that he/she has missed a shipment. Post offices and other institutions usually have fax machines. No faxes, letters or packages will be accepted by the organization for forwarding in any situation. The organization’s cell phones will not be made available for interviews or home calls. If no cell phone of one’s own is available, recourse must be made to a public phone or to a cell phone of a fellow runner.

Art.21 – Insurance / Data protection

Participation is at your own risk and peril. The organizer will also take out a “liability insurance”. The runner should check with his/her health insurance company for further health insurance benefits. The corresponding insurance card should be carried urgently. Each participant starts with the knowledge of all risks. He relieves the organization of any responsibility in case of weakness, accidents or poor health in general. The runner is advised to have a private travel insurance (especially for foreign participants). Each participant, guardian must sign a “waiver and release of liability” before the start. Without signature NO start is possible. (see art. 3, par. 2)

Art.22 – Assistance by third parties

It is considered a serious violation if a participant moves other than with his own feet, e.g. is driving by car or cycling and wants to resume the competition after an indefinite ride. This will result in the cancellation of the current stage and immediate exclusion from further official scoring without further warning. For the participant the “RAE 2022” is finished at this point with immediate effect.
A bicycle or car escort is expressly desired. This may cause some runners to be displeased, as they may be on their own, but for the safety of the runner in an emergency, it is better that way.

Art.23 – Withdrawal from the competition

If a competitor withdraws from the competition, he or she has to report this immediately to the organization. However, he/she has the possibility to suspend one day or more and then he/she can continue the competition out of competition. He will receive an appropriate award (certificate) for the achieved performance. In the rest of the time the withdrawn participant will be asked to make himself available to the organization. It is up to the participant who has dropped out to decide whether he/she stays on site or goes home. In this case, the organization will drop him off at a suitable place. The entry fee will not be refunded. The place is determined by the participant in agreement with the organization.

If the seating capacity of the organization vehicles is exhausted, the eliminated participant must independently arrange how to get from “A” to “B”.

Art.24 – Marking of the course / route guidance

The participant has to follow the given course. The course is marked by spray chalk arrows and stickers. Any deviation from the course for the participant’s own benefit will result in disqualification. If a participant gets lost, he/she must run/be driven back to where the getting lost approximately started. There will be no compensation for the detour run. The organization reserves the right to change the course at any time, if this is necessary according to the organization (see Art.7).

Art.25 – Hygiene

After a long run, one should try to take a shower. It cannot be guaranteed that a hot shower will be available at all times. This unfortunately often affects relatively late arriving runners. The faster runners are therefore asked by the organization to be considerate towards the following runners.

Art.26 – Route description / Participant briefing

A written description of the stage will be given to each participant every day. If local conditions permit, a “Participants and Supervisors Meeting” will be held in the evening, during which a review of the past stage and a briefing on the next stage will be given. Otherwise in the morning 15 minutes before the start. The participation to this is obligatory.

Art.27 – Registration requirements

The data will be treated confidentially by the organizer. Participation is at your own risk. Accident insurance of the participants is recommended. The organizer cannot check the health condition of the registered participants himself (s. Art. 4).

Art.28 – Awards and other benefits of the organizer

  • Awards and certificates for every Participant
  • Cup for each “conqueror” of his/her respective competition (does not apply to single stage runners)
  • Special gifts for the 3 first-placed ladies and gentlemen
  • Souvenir gift for each participant and coach at the finish line
  • T-shirt (not valid for single stage runners)
  • Morning and evening meals, accommodation and course catering, see also Art. 7!
  • Further gifts: see menu item of the respective competition

Art.29 – Registration deadline / cancellation of registration

  1. Registrations will be accepted until 31.12.2021. With the acceptance of the registration a deposit of 580,-Euro is due immediately. Only after receipt of this the registered person will be listed as a participant.
  2. Entries received later than 31.12.2021 are only possible after consultation by telephone and immediate payment of the entry fee and a late entry fee of 100,- Euro per month after 31.12.2021.
  3. In case of cancellation by participants before 31.12.2021, 80,- Euro will be retained as a processing fee.
  4. In case of cancellation of participation after 01.01.2022, the participant will be refunded parts of his entry fee as follows:


  • 01.01. – 31.01. 2022 = 90% of the deposit amount.
  • 01.02. – 28.02. 2022 = 80% ” “
  • 01.03. – 31.03. 2022 = 70% ” “
  • 01.04. – 31.04. 2022 = 60% ” “

Art.30 – Entry fee / Method of payment

The entry fee is 5880,- Euro (until 31.12.2021). After that it will be increased monthly by 100,- Euro each time. With the registration 580,-Euro have to be transferred immediately. After that it can be paid in installments of 530,-Euro.

Art.31 – Attendant / Vehicles

If a supervisor places himself and his vehicle mainly at the disposal of the organization during the event, his accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge. This has to be reported immediately to the organizer for further disposition, see also art. 42! Personal attendants of the participants, who are not available to the organization, pay 35,- Euro /day for board and lodging. Further charging, only sleeping or only boarding, is not possible. Attendants of participants who do not bring a vehicle to the organization, but are available to the organization as route marshals, must provide a daily cost rate of 20,- Euro.

Art.32 – Disqualification

Disqualification occurs in the case of gross violations that endanger the cohesion of the community. These are for example: Strongly insulting statements or fisticuffs towards other participants, coaches, foreign helpers and other persons as well as statements and behavior, which damage the reputation of the event. This also includes gross deviations from the race course, riding in a vehicle during the race, not following the instructions of own and foreign helpers (police, sports clubs, order forces), see Art. 22 and 24.

Running through a red light or disregarding a closed railroad barrier will result in immediate disqualification and exclusion of the runner from the event. Increased controls will be carried out by the organization.

Art.33 – Environment / food stands

The organization will pay very close attention to the fact that the environment is not additionally burdened by the participants. In order to avoid waste, each participant must carry his/her own cutlery, crockery (including cup) (applies to the time outside of running). Drinks must always be taken with the participant’s OWN cup. At the refreshment points the participants will be provided with cups by the organization, which will be cleaned daily (by the organizer) and provided again for the always following stage.

Art.34 – Press relations + Participant Information

It should not be surprising that there are always representatives of the press on site. It is therefore important for the organization to have enough information material from each participant. Interviews will be conducted on site exclusively in front of the sponsor board.

Art.35 – Timekeeping + results list

This is done in hours, minutes and seconds. From the second day on, the times will be added up. A comprehensive result list will be sent to the participant at the latest 4 weeks after the race without being asked. Result lists will not be handed out during the race! It is requested that requests to the timekeeper are refrained from. The daily result list will be displayed for inspection only.

Art.36 – Issue of the announcements and other information

These will be issued in German and English.

Art.37 – Connection to the organization

On the start number there is the mobile phone number of the organizer and another member of the organization. This is important for the participant who has gone astray and needs to contact the organization. The participant must carry an amount of at least 30,- Euro with him/her at all times. It is also in the participant’s own interest and therefore will not be checked by the organization.

Art.38 – Supply and support by third parties

… is as already described expressly desired!

Art.39 – Stage runners

At the “RAE” single stage runners are allowed and welcome.

Art.40 – Liability for private attendant vehicles

  • The use of private cars, caravans and motor homes is at the participant’s own risk.
  • In case of breakdown of the vehicle, no help can be provided by the organization -at most mediated-.
  • Vehicle damages and consequential damages can NOT be taken over by the organizer.
  • The vehicle owner must therefore provide assistance on his own.

Art.41 – Vehicles

Drivers of participants who are at the disposal of the organization have free board and lodging (see Art. 32). The participant’s escort vehicle is usually under the control of the organization as a “route helper”.

Art.42 – Cancellation of the event

The event may be cancelled in the event of a natural disaster such as flood, major fire, earthquake, epidemic, pandemic, etc. The participants will be asked about this decision.

The participant will get back parts of the entry fee as follows:

  • 60,- Euro per remaining day

Art.43 – Runners Council

With the briefing on the course of the race, a “Runners’ Advisory Board” will also be proposed and appointed by the organizer. This committee will support the organization in case of extraordinary problems that have an influence on the race. For example disqualification of a participant etc.. The “Runners Advisory Board” consists of 5 persons. This includes two runners and one female runner, one helper/supervisor and the organizer. The decision of this committee is binding. If it is about a decision about a person from the “runner advisory board”, the person in question has to be replaced accordingly (by chance by the organizer) for the vote.

Art.44 – Doping

The “RAE 2022”, as a sports event, is not organized through a national or international federation. Nevertheless, the organizer of the “RAE 2022” insists that each participant complies with the internationally applicable anti-doping rules. For this purpose, a correspondingly prepared declaration of commitment must be signed by each participant with the organizer before the start of the “RAE 2022”. During the competition every violation of the above mentioned rules will be punished with immediate disqualification. The participant has to go home immediately.

Art.45 – Test

The participant puts 1,- Euro in an envelope and hands it to the organizer on the eve of the first stage as a sign that he has read this whole article here (idea stolen from Jens Witzel ( and Jens got it again from the Badwaterrace! ;-)).

Art.46 – Other

  • The use of sticks is forbidden.
  • Failure to comply with the country’s traffic regulations will result in the immediate disqualification of the runner. Example: disregarding a red light – whether consciously or unconsciously; whether in the big city or in the village.
  • The runner must run on the side of the road indicated by the markings. No marking = left side of the road (e.g. on country roads without sidewalk).
  • Sometimes the GPS track and the local course marking differ from each other, because parts of the course have to be bypassed spontaneously. The marking by spray chalk arrows has ALWAYS! has priority. Who runs in spite of this after track, receives a warning. At the 2nd time he is eliminated from the race.
  • No food will be brought to the slow runners in the evening. If the official meal time has been missed, the runner will move to the meal location on his/her own or order pizza or similar at his/her own expense.
  • Presence at the briefing at 20:30pm is mandatory.
  • The night rest from 21:00 pm is to be kept absolutely.
  • The organization reserves the right to accommodate snorers in separate rooms.

Art.47 – Thank you

Thank you for your attention.

Art.48 – Enough

Note: The Race Director/Chief has the final say in matters of dispute.

Oliver Witzke (Race Director)

Place of jurisdiction: Solingen, Germany
Subject to changes until 14 days before the start